Why TV Commercials Work and How You Can Use The Same Principles 100x Cheaper.

TV commercials are so expensive that very few companies can afford them. Even more expensive at the most-watched times – in the evenings. There must be something about them that works like magic, otherwise, top companies wouldn't spend these ridiculous amounts.
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What you must understand that TV ads are not like Facebook or Google ads where your prospect has „infinite“ time to click on it. TV ads come and go fast. That means they need to be catchy and memorable – they need to stand out.

That’s called a flash impression. It’s the first step in a process called the first impression.

A COMPLETE first impression for every company consists of a flash impression, „information“ impression, and product/service impression.

„Information“ impression is a website, book, phone call, or meeting where a prospect finds out more about your company.

The product/service impression is the satisfaction of your products or services.

What TV commercials do is very straight forward. If they are good  they make a great flash impression.
Flash impressions after that work like an addiction: They plant a little voice in your head telling you „buy from them because you saw them on TV.“


How can you leverage this for your company?


If you can afford ads on a smaller TV channel – do it. But we advise you to hire a serious firm that knows how to make a spectacular video – it’s the only way the huge upfront investment will be cost-effective.

For most, the second option will be much more affordable. That’s using Facebook and youtube video ads. The same principles must be applied – the video ad must be short, catchy, and punchy – it needs to stand out. A simple video will get you nowhere.

Additionally, you must leverage the „information“ impression and product/service impression to the best of your capabilities.

A good enough website is not good enough. A good enough sales pitch will no cut it. A great product is not good enough. It needs to be perfect.

Now here’s a little secrete that very few companies use. If you remember why TV ads work so well, it’s because they „plant“ a voice in your head.

What if we told you, you can do the same thing to your actual clients and make them more likely to return?

Yes, that’s right – it’s possible. With client gifting.

Once you deliver the actual product or service, you slip in a little gift that will plant a voice in their head saying: „oh yes that company really cares about me“ or even better „oh yes that company sent me this, let’s work with them again.“

There are numerous variables that can be changed to have a successful client gifting. For example, what gift you give, when you give it, how you deliver it… It all comes down to your goals.

And if you don’t believe us, look at some of the car insurance companies – they usually give out car air fresheners. It’s a simple thing that unconsciously reminds you of them every time you sit in a car.

Never forget that it’s the little things that scaled up to enable the exponential growth of companies.



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