OFFSET X FASHION WEEK 2020 | Review by Gifting Junction

Famous rapper Offset sets his foot in designer clothing with the help of Laundered Works CORP.
offset x fashion week

This image is the front-face of the new collaboration between a famous rapper Offset and ‘Laundered Works Corp’.

Just by looking at this picture, the first thing that went through my mind is Mike Amiri.

The demon, for me, is a symbol of new styles, unusual designs, and unconventional ideas.
Mike Amiri fits into all these boxes very clearly.

While this collab might surprise you, it was in the making for a long time. Offset, as a part of the super-popular rap group ‘Migos’, is known for his out of the box style.

Everything he owns and wears has its goal to stand out – starting from his cars (he actually painted all of his cars in blue in honor of ‘Nipsey Hussle’) to his jewelry, clothes, and shoes.

He recently claimed that he put his ‘blood, sweat and tears’ into this project, which is not hard to believe – he is known to be a big hustler.


Let’s dive right into some of the highlights:


offset x fashion week


Offset is most likely referring to his birth date, which took place on December 14, 1991.

And if you think about it, it’s true. Offset, as 1/3 of the ‘Migos’, changed the rap culture like no one ever did. It’s not an overstatement to say that Migos are the biggest rap group of all time.

Moreover, the hoodie also says ‘No Cap’, which means no lies. That is a big motive in Offset’s verses and is something he stood behind his whole life.

Definitely a nice addition to the hoodie, which represents Offset on a deeper level.



offset x fashion week

‘Never Forget Where You Came From’

This is such an important message for everyone, not just Offset.

Offset’s background is not as glamorous as his life is now. He came up in poverty, surrounded by gangs, drug dealing, trafficking and more. Truth be told, rap probably saved his life.

However, he will never forget the hard times in his life. ‘Migos’ are known for giving back to their community, helping homeless people, buying school equipment for kids and a lot more.

The t-shirt features a couple of other texts as well. Starting with ‘Bad & Boujee’ – which could be referring to a hit song that blew ‘Migos’ into the fame they have today. 

The next one is ‘Clout Culture’ – which could easily represent the rap community today. Offset called out other rappers for chasing clout (clout basically means fame) multiple times.



offset x fashion week

‘Love War’

Love is war. You probably heard that one a couple of times in the past.

Offset himself had quite a controversial relationship with his wife ‘Cardi B’. This could easily be the motive behind this design.

However, it seems that for every problem they find a solution.

They have been seen together on a couple of vacations recently and the relationship looks better and healthier than ever.



offset x fashion week

Slim brushed nylon canvas trucker jacket. 

Offset’s inspiration for this piece could very well be another famous rapper ‘Young Thug’. He released his ‘Spider’ collection a few months prior.

Young Thug is known for his unconventional style and is undeniably a big inspiration, not only for other rappers but for fashion designers as well.

The piece is featured in black and brown and is fulfilled with symmetry, which is a contrast to Offset’s other pieces. 

For other pieces and more, check out their official collaboration page.


Offset did an awesome job on his debut designer spree.

He basically put his thoughts, life experiences and personality into it, which is very respectful.

Quick info check, almost all pieces are made out of 100% cotton and are made in Los Angeles.

To end this, it’s fair to say that Gifting Junction can’t wait to see more from Offset and his new projects.