Here’s How Gifting Will Make Your Company More Profitable

„Being more profitable“ are the three sweetest words a business owner can hear. And gifting can do that? Are we crazy? You're probably thinking this. By the end you will see that we aren't.
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We ran a little questionnaire a couple of months ago. Here are some of the results:

87% said that they like being gifted to.
98% said that they liked the gift giver more after they received the gift.
91% said that they felt some kind of obligation to the gift giver.

Now, how can this be translated into the business world?

What if the 91% that said they felt an obligation were your employees?

The fact is they wouldn’t gift back your company (How would they even do that?).

What they would do is work harder, smarter, better. They would become more open to cooperating in tasks to improve your business. They would be much more likely to give you some ideas on how to take your business to the next level.

Even if they don’t necessarily feel like they owe your company anything, the little voice (as we like to call it) in the back of their mind will be telling them differently.

It’s so simple, but that’s how today’s community works.

This simple idea of gifting and what it means was used for hundreds of years – yet it’s still overseen by so many business owners.

Psychology does wonders in today’s world. That’s for sure.

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