Best Corporate Gifts – Only List You’ll Ever Need

Corporate gifts, just like any other gifts, can be very challenging. In the sea of products, how to chose the right ones? To answer that - we made a simple list as a summary of our experiences.
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Without hesitation we can say that corporate gifts must be customized. Business name, logo, image or the workers name – must be included. With that being said, we won’t look at any ‘branded’ gifts such as iPhones or similar.

If you want to learn why corporate gifting is great, check out this post. Your profits can be improved – that’s all we saying for now.


1) USB


Custom USB flash drives are evergreen gadgets and never démodé in a society more and more technological and hi-tec like ours. The pen drives are small, beautiful and flexible in customization: from the most classic USB sticks to the most colorful and fun ones. USB flash drives are a very useful gifts on several occasions and always required with enthusiasm.



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A Christmas Eve Box is a small box or crate gifted to anyone the day before Christmas. It can also be given the day after Thanksgiving or the first day of December. It can be filled with whatever goodies you like! This often becomes a yearly tradition and makes the night before Christmas something special to look forward to!



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The Phone Docking Station is a multifunctional charging and organizing gadget. Charge your cell phone and keep your daily-used things at hand. Very handy to insert your business information into, and it’s literally never a miss – we all use car keys, watches and mobile phones.



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Towels may seem crazy at first, but think about it – all the customizations you can do. Next, you have a lot of options , starting from bathroom towels, beach towels to face towels and more… the list is pretty huge. Finally, it’s free marketing for you. In case of beach towels, people will use it outside. Normal towels could be used in saunas, at swimming pools and so on.



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We all pretty much use them. They can be customized. They are a funny gift. They are a conversation starter. They will be remembered for a long time. Can you go wrong? Maybe if your workers have too many kids and they get the ‘wrong’ message. Otherwise they are a safe bet.




Lighters are basic by themselfves. However, with the right design, branding and execution they can be an easy conversation opener and marketing tool. We all use them for whatever reason – that’s a fact. If you like this idea and would like to work on a design sign up, tell us a bit about yourself and our team will be happy to help. Maybe even our Creative Director.



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Photo frame LED night light is a perfect gift for both sexes. Customize it with your brand logo, maybe the gift receivers name – and you have an awesome gift and memory. We are yet to see someone who doesn’t like this a gift.



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Yelling button is a unique gift that is not over saturated by any means. In every company there is a funny scene and a funny saying – maybe someone mispronounced a word or someone is known for saying something weird. Either way, use it to customize the button and your gift will be remembered and appreciated. In the end, that simply means that your company will start to feel like a big family.

To add to the hot 8, we will mention mugs, socks, pillows, tshirts and slippers. However, this is just the very tip of the iceberg. 

Don’t hesitate to think outside of the box, and if you need help with your idea sign up for our corporate gifting or send us an email.

If you want to learn more about corporate gifting make sure to check out our Corporate Gifting page and read our other articles.

“If you can dream it, we can manage it.”